Thursday, March 1, 2012

Region Squire Training @ SJW

Travis organised for QBRE to organise a Squire Training Night at the Den.

Travis will organise to complete this blog post.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Trivia at the Brunswick

Travis organised us to attend Trivia.

The Saints came 16th out of approximately 25 teams. Many hundres of dollars were given away.

Best part of the night: JJ won the Crew a free jug of beer for correctly answering a "who am I", on only two clues - "Bring it on" (film).

Mick RA, Travis, Steve, Lucy, Libby, JJ, Pete and Matt in attendance.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Star gazing @ Maidenwell

Emile, Travis, Kristy, Iain, Jordan, Tom, Peter, Matt, Yanni and I set off from Emile's place on Friday night in two cars to Maidenwell, marking the (debatable) first crew camp. Once arrived at Maide
nwell, we set up camp, had some chill time and went to bed.

Breakfast was had at The Trading Post before heading over to the Observatory where we were met by the Observatory's owner, James. James gave us a daylight tour of the small complex, giving a detailed run-down of the telescopes' specs amongst other things. He was a very knowledgeable person and was able to answer any questions we had for him.

After spending jsut over and hour at the Observatory, the Crew went back to camp and got ready for a trip to Coomba Falls, located just 2km from the campsite. Once everyone had arrived (half the crew had decided to walk) it was then simply a matter of taking in the beautiful surrounding and jumping into the cool water. Most of the Crew made their way up onto the rockface and proceeded to jump off in various formations, which was quite amusing from a distance. Once out of the water, we chilled for a time on the grass, contemplating life and other such things (but not really, it was more of a time to dry off before getting in the car/walking back to camp).

With no time to lose once back at camp, we changed into dry clothes and headed off in the cars up to the Bunya Mountains. As soon as we arrived we were able to appreciate the local wildlife (little wa

llabies hopping around the grassy areas). Quite hungry by this point, we immediately gravitated towards the cafe/restaurant. We ate some delicious food (the burger with bunyanut relish was most popular) and then had a Crew sleepy-time on the lawn , much to the amusement of some tourists who took a not-so-sneaky photos of us! After our little nap, we made our way into the forrest with the purpose of a leisurely walk. It was indeed leisurely, but was completely enhanced by the many Crew photos we took, a personal favourite being the 'Fairy Photo'. It was nice to just be surrounded by the bush for a while, but soon our little wander came to a close. On the way home, a heated match of 'Horse' was played between Jordan and Iain.
Back at c
amp, most of the Crew felt the need for a bit of a nap. Once night fell, we walked over the road to the Maidenwell Pub where we all ate delicious meals. it was decided that we have to come back on the weekend they do a pig on the spit - sounds yummy! After dinner at the campsite, we sat around the fire (until it started raining a bit too much) and had some more chill-times.

Sunday morning required an early wake-up and an efficient camp pack-up. Both were difficult tasks, but were eventually completed successfully. Then it was time to hit the road again, off to the Jondaryan Woolshed for our Sunday Brunch. The brunch was incrediby yummy and there were many food options - everyone eagerly devoured their meals. After everyone in the hall had finished eating, th
ere was a shearing presentation - a very interesting insight into the history of shearing and the Woolshed. Keen to get home, the Crew got back into the cars for the last time and head off home.

Thank you to Emile and Matt for the use of their cars and for driving us all around the entire weekend! And thank you most of all to all those who attended for contributing to the camp and making it a successful weekend away.